Sometimes things just….. happen…

You may have taken a gander at TMC’s website and found yourself confused… particularly if you’d been a frequent visitor before.  Rest assured, you are not the only one! Here’s the thing….

Sometime during the winter I (Lise) was playing with theme’s for the website, and I managed to happen upon one I found “intriguing”.  In that moment we had a power outage.  In that moment the new theme was “adopted” to our website.

But I did not log in again… for a long, long time…. I thought I had been playing around.  Winter was busy- my coming and going, so much travel, taking a lot of classes, seeing a lot of clients… yada yada yada!

So here we are… a website that does not look the same as the old one, to us old timers- and one that feels incomplete as it stands right now.

I am self taught. I also have a hard time relinquishing control…. it’s a challenge to figure these things out- and usually the challenge is fun!  This one has not been terribly fun.

If you have a better idea- message me! If you like it- message me!  But most of all- understand that this is a learning process and also a economic process.  You see, if we pay someone to manage our website- then that money needs to come from somewhere! YOU? The client? We prefer to keep our prices down in order to serve you best.

While at the same time realizing that we all have talents, we all have that which gives us bliss.  Is it not best to serve others with the talents you possess that also give you bliss? Indeed, I think so. Happy campers lead to more happy campers.

So, I digress…. this website appears to be under construction until a decision is made to either keep with it or redo the whole bloody thing! Your guess is as good as mine!

Now- for an update on the new offerings of TMC:

Welcome Steve Podry! Steve will be teaching Melodious Bardo- Opening to Grief & Inwardness with music, image-making, ceremony and writing- beginning Monday’s from 4-6pm starting on April 16.  Steve will be taking over the time slot that has formerly held Gentle Flow Yoga with Lise.

Lise is focusing her path on Traditional Thai Bodywork- sharpening her skills and opening her book to more clients and students.  She has a full time practice and will now only be offering one Yoga class/week- Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm.

Our other Yoga teachers, John and Joani- continue with their regular schedule.

Sam Dart continues her Structural Integration work and is learning more about Thai Massage from Lise- as well as developing her skills with Reusi Dat Ton.  One day we hope to offer a class led by Sam in this ancient form of “Thai Yoga”.  Both Lise and Sam study Reusi Dat Ton with David Wells, who was teaching at TMC in February.

John has some of his art on display in the foyer- including some beautiful note cards available for purchase. John’s art has been selling well of recent- and he has had shows locally at The Lettered Streets Coffee Shop and in Lynden at Jansen Art Center.

Yin holds fort on Saturday mornings providing her Thai Bodywork and may be opening up a Saturday healing clinic by donation with other healers in the community.  Stay posted on that one!

So- big things continue to be happening at TMC, and we roll into spring ready, willing and able to serve you to our best ability.

Blessings and Love


Do something!

Recently,  I took a peek my typical Thursday schedule from 2010-2015…

My day began at 7am and often didn’t stop till 8pm.  There were occasional gaps somewhere in the middle of the day and no real time for sustenance.  It took me some time to roll out changes, and that process is still evolving.

My 2016 listing of services has definitely been modified, but this modification has not yet been announced here! Sort of like a slow reveal I suppose. So here’s the lowdown:

I offer private sessions of Bowenwork and Thai Yoga Therapy most weekday mornings and occasionally a weekday afternoon/evening.

S L O W Flow Yoga is offered Monday’s at 5pm and Friday’s at 9am.
I am no longer offering sessions of movement based therapy, Structurally Integrated Movement Therapy or Pilates aside from those sessions with pre-existing clients. I do, however, make referrals to other gifted practitioners in the area who do provide that type of service…. or even better yet, go into the world and “do something”! Do something FUN!

My focus has shifted to allowing a space to help bodies heal, rather that create a dependency upon the process. Initially 4-5 Bowen treatments seems to make a big difference in pain reduction and chronic stressors, as does one Thai Yoga Therapy (2 hour) session. Follow-up sessions are really helpful to keep your system in balance- and depending on the individual the frequency will vary. In between sessions- go out there! Get moving! Feel your body in happy mode! Free your SELF! Do something!

Of course, it is important for some of my clients to have weekly sessions. Their story is their own, and for that reason those time slots are booked out months in advance. This has not, nor will this be changing…. and some are locked into the books for multiple sessions per week (combinations of Yoga based therapy and Bowenwork).
If you are a new client trying to get on the schedule for a 55 minute Bowen session, message me if the online scheduler does not find a place for you. I maintain a cancelation list- and if a space opens up, I’ll book you in a smile! Same goes for those wanting the coveted 90 minute or 2-hour Thai Yoga Therapy slot.

Eventually those community Bowen days will open up- I just haven’t managed to orchestrate it well yet.
In the past, my schedule was very open and available. I suffered. There was little time for me to do anything other than crash or plot my escape to paradise. It is important to honor my own energy shifts and to practice what I preach. Find paradise here!  Balance. Mindfulness. Peace. Ease. Happy. DO SOMETHING!  Overworking, no matter what field you work in, is still overworking. As an energy worker, if I am “overworked” it is not good for me, nor is it good for you! So, I have scaled things back to a much more comfortable tempo. Now I am freed up for sustenance and more able to serve the both of us.

Thank you for understanding and I encourage you to do the same!

There you have it. Go do something. Have a whole lot of FUN!