Summer 2017 has found us!

The studio has been all abuzz with activity!  (And a’chirp! You can hear the nesting birds all around you, even when inside. Nature’s music in our sanctuary)

Read the list of some of our summer fun and summer has only just begun!

Intuitive Painting classes

LuLaRoe clothing parties (most colorful and comfy leggings around)

Modeling our fun new leggings


Yoga of many kinds- 5 gentle therapeutic Yoga classes per week! Lise, John, Joani and Jenn!

Thai Yoga Therapy- Gently yet deep, intensely relaxing, full body/mind experience: Lise, Sam and now Jennifer is offering student sessions for a massive discount!

Bowenwork- Lise offers this gentle, energy based myofascial release technique

Yoga Therapy- Lise provides distance sessions via FaceTime/Skype as well as in person

Structural Integration- This is Sam’s department!

Massage Therapy- If you aren’t really sure and just want to relax, book a session with Sam

Tai Chi- Art is on hiatus, Kelly is here as is Kelsi!

Qi Gong- same

Charlie is often found demonstrating a therapeutic Yoga pose- and if Charlie can do it, YOU can too!

Project Homeless Connect- Healing Clinic- 4 of our practitioners are donating their time for this annual event: Lise is the director of the Healing Clinic and provides treatments as well as Yoga Therapy, Sam providing treatments, John nesting into our newest feature,  teaching Yoga and Meditation in the Sanctuary Room and Kelly will offer Tai Chi.

We’re busy. There definitely is something here for you!

The common thread with all of these is the emphasis towards “self care”.  Self care is in the categories of preventative as well as curative care.  The steps we take to our increased sense of well beingness holds the highest of payoffs! Be well and stay happy.  With great respect and love.



Here are some of Lise’s favorite summertime self care tips:

Warm soak in magnesium flakes.  20-40 minute warm (not hot) soak in a tub with magnesium flakes will help restore your energy, can help decrease chronic pain, assists in rebalancing the minerals of the body… leaves your skin feeling soft…. after dabbing yourself dry, massage your favorite oil (sesame, coconut, almond…) all over your body and into your hair.  Go to sleep!  Rest well.  Try it regularly, try it often!

If you are in need of the flakes- check with Lise.  She has them available.


(If you are inclined to take a full body soak in natures warm mineral waters, do that! That’s the ultimate in goodnessyness!)

Drinking water is something we talk about often. It’s almost like a broken record for some of you. I hear you… blah blah blah blah.  But do it! Water does a body good.  Starting your day with a cup of warm water eases your system back into action.  Makes way for the other “stuff” you are about to put into your body. Warm water, not tepid… think about it. Your body is approximately 98.6F, so taking anything in first thing in the morning that is cold or solid is a bit of a shocker to process.  So warm the water and feel that enter your body. No resistance. Only acceptance.

Some of you have complained that you don’t like the taste of natures most basic liquid.  Odd statement it seems.  But you can dress it up with: lemon, cucumber, cardamom…..

These are just a couple of ideas as to how to invoke restful sleep at night and start your day off with the best possible outcome.  Self care.  Really simple. Give those two things a go! Report back and wait for more ideas another day.

Peace be with you, and all those around you. May you be happy, stay well, be safe and feel free.

With great respect and love