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Lise Thai ThumbnailLise Flora Waugh -Lise@themettacenter.org Classes:  SLOW Flow, Sacred Movement Yoga Monday 5:00pm |Services:  Yoga Therapy | Thai Yoga Therapy | Thai Bodywork, Bowenwork-
John Hawkins ThumbnailJohn Hawkins – (360) 820-1277 yogarific@msn.com Classes:  Meditative Yoga Tuesday 5:30pm
Sam Dart ThumbnailSam Dart – (425) 802-6651 Sam.b.dart@gmail.com http://www.samstructuralintegration.com Services: Structural Integration, Massage Therapy, Thai Bodywork
Jenn Cohen ThumbnailJenn Cohen – 310-795-6836 JennCohen@Karunacalm.org Schedule, pricing and bio can be found here!
Kelly Hong-Williams ThumbnailKelly Hong-Williams Powered by Qi, LLC  360-633-3983 Kelly@poweredbyqi.com
 Joani Glasser Thumbnail
Joani Glasser – (360) 656-6699 YogawithJoani@Yahoo.com www.yogawithjoani.com Classes: Gentle Yoga Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am
Danielle “Yin” Dwyer –  (805) 234-7339 openhandthaibodywork@gmail.com – Thai Bodywork