Being blessed with all this cold weather, while watching the daffodils bloom and the birds sing, makes one wonder- what is really going on with this thing called “Spring”?

Weather is fun to observe- and we sometimes forget that our bodies are subject to the same pressures as the universe within which we live!  It is true! All the elements that make up nature around us, exist within us! When the weather patterns outside seem to be out of sorts, it’s not a bad idea to go internal and see how this body you live in, is doing.

Relax more, breathe always, and take time to look about and immerse your view of the world within your grasp. One need not travel far to see much!

Try this:  look at the area outside, wherever you happen to be- do you see anything green? If so- how many shades of green do you see? Once you start looking for the variations in color, hue, and tone your mind will be boggled at the process! Don’t stress on this- it’s simply an observational game to play that reminds us how varied things really are, even just the color green!

Colors hard for you to see? No worries- try touch. Being outside, get down on the ground, close your eyes and just touch. Feel the various textures, temperatures, shapes that your hands detect when you touch the ground around you. This is an amazing experience, and quite calming for the body mind to explore nature, right there where you happen to be.

Those are just two examples of simple experiences you can do to bring yourself back into the moment of being here, right here, now!

More later- but a client just walked in the door, so this girl is shifting gears now!

On to a Thai Bodywork session that will promote ease, balance, and point specific relief to the lucky fella’ who is about to land on my mat!