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 Bowen is a gentle form of natural healing.  This subtle, and highly effective technique is used to address a wide range of conditions and is particularly suitable for skeletal, joint and myofascial tension. Bowen is also highly effective on children and babies, as well as older adults and those who have compromised mobility.

Based on an interpretation of Australia’s Tom Bowen, this gentle energy based system affects what is sometimes referred to as a “reset” upon the nervous system, resulting in a relaxed body/mind and often reports of increased range of motion.

Known for the light “moves” applied to very specific parts of the body and significant “breaks” or pauses within the session. These pauses are important to allow the body to process information, rest and reset.  There is no forceful manipulation and the client remains clothed.  These moves are applied to specific points along the sen (the energy lines in Thai theory)- bridging the ancient practice of Thai to the more modern practice of Bowen. Best of both worlds. Clients remain clothed during a Bowenwork session.

Common responses to a session of Bowenwork:

Feelings of lightness, spaciousness, taller, increased range of motion, decreased pain…




The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives. This gently non-invasive technique can have a powerful effect upon bound up tissues associated with scar tissue formation/adhesions. Collagen fibers may relax to allow circulation back into the areas previously denied. To learn more, please visit:McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique

Thai Yoga Therapy (Thai Bodywork)

An Ancient East Asian Healing art that evolved over time in Thailand. This dynamic experience utilizes traditional Thai healing techniques within the lens of Thai Medical Theory,  to promote overall well beingness.  Sessions might include: deep work to the trenches of the sen, heated herbal compresses, oils/balms and tools such as cupping and/or scraping (Kroot). Recipients report increased flexibility, energy balance, deep relaxation,balance of heart/mind (Jai) and the union of mind, body, and breath.


Clients remain clothed in a Thai Bodywork session Suggest wearing loose pants and baggy top so that your practitioner is able to apply herbal compresses and use other tools when appropriate.

Thai Bodywork is founded on principles rooted in Thai Medicine from the hands of the Reusi’s. Some note the Buddhist attention to centering and compare the alignment and dynamic stretching to that in Hatha Yoga, though more appropriately from Reusi Dat Ton, a Thai practice of self care and movement therapy.

The flow of Thai Bodywork is like that of a dance between giver and receiver- to the degree that some might call this “assisted” Yoga- as if Yoga is being done to the receiver.  As the receiver relaxes, and moves effortlessly with the giver, the beauty and harmony of the experience becomes more healing and extremely beneficial. Knowledge of the true self emerges more clearly with repeated sessions, creating a level of understanding and wisdom between the body/mind and giver/receiver. This statement might be true in a non-treatment specific session- if the session is indeed a full body, relaxation based session.

Regarding her understanding of the work: “Now that I’ve seen what I’ve seen, and felt what I’ve felt, it is as though everything is new and unknown now- so my work is slower, deeper yet softer, and far more intuitive than before. Less about the procedure and more about the process”

View the schedule page for treatment options and definitions.

Session lengths vary from 1 hour – 2… or 3 or even 5 hour by approval.

This was no ordinary treatment, this was a spiritual experience!  – Craig

Thai Yoga Therapy
A beautiful dance. At one with the elements.

Yoga Therapy- C_IAYT

Lise spent several years studying Structural Yoga Therapy with her teacher Mukunda Stiles, upon his passing she has continued periodic study with his wife, Chinnamasta. She is a long time and current member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is Certified-IAYT- a hard earned designation by this group. Yoga Therapy is globally recognized by many healthcare providers as an acceptable form of alternative treatment, (CAM – complimentary alternative medicine). If you suffer from high blood pressure, cancer, stress, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. Yoga Therapy may be just what “the doctor ordered”. Check with your healthcare provider, or schedule a consultation at The Metta Center!

C-IAYT is the Internationally designated Certificate of Yoga Therapy as handed through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Lise has been affiliated with this organization since 2002 and holds that designation proudly.

Lise has an extensive background that weaves traditional Thai medicine theories with body/mind methodology of Yoga. Her graduate studies held an emphasis in Motor Learning and Biomechanics that was complimented by the Balance Retraining program she helped to develop at CSUF in the early 1990’s. Lise has worked extensively with western medicine providers as a movement therapist.

A long time practitioner/teacher for the Arthritis Foundation, Lise has extensive knowledge of the various forms of inflammatory joint dis-eases and the therapies necessary to maintain joint function and pain-coping.  These techniques are shared in her Yoga classes today, private sessions of Yoga therapy/Structural Yoga Therapy.


I thought I had tried everything, and have lived in pain for 20 years. One session with Lise had me pain free for two weeks. Each time gets better and better – Arlin

Mother and Daughter- 2010. A photo worth keeping from our old studio location. Memories from the past.







Everyone should experience  Thai Yoga Therapy. It is definitely the ultimate in pampering not only your body but also your spirit. Lise is a gifted practitioner and her healing power is amazing. – Cindy Bauer

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We love our community
We love our community
Bowenwork or Structural Integration- restore!
Thai Yoga Therapy
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