Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYT

Lise on Skye beneath the Cullins after an amazing 6 day dissection course with Gil Hedley
Lise on Skye beneath the Cullins having an amazing state change after attending a dissection course with Gil Hedley



Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYTIMG_2288e

Reverend Lise, has held a lifelong interest in spirituality and connection with the wellness of all beings. Growing up on a farm, taking care of animals from birth to death and caring for both her parents at their times of transition, gives Lise an intimate understanding of the circle of life and the connection held by all beings- a lifetime of experience that has proven helpful those she has loved in her personal and professional life. Drawn to horses since the age of 5, she began a short-lived career in horse training, after obtaining her dual Bachelors Degree from Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., (Equestrian Science/Biology with a minor in Dance) during which time she also taught fitness classes at a local gym.

She found an interest for Yoga as a teen, and practiced whenever she could find a teacher, or a class on TV. Not a “bendy” girl like some of her friends, Yoga was hard when it seemed to be based on asana alone. But she persisted, and began to understand that Yoga was more than just poses- in fact- the physical practice was only a small part… Along the way, the gym she taught at needed a Yoga teacher, and Lise was the only one who had an insight to the process. This was in the early 1980’s. Falling under the radar of Personal Trainer, Lise would also offer private sessions of Yoga’esque sessions that by modern standards would qualify as Yoga Therapy. (She is, in fact a Certified Yoga Therapist today- C-IAYT).

Ten years post Bachelors degree, Lise returned to school to complete graduate studies at Cal State Fullerton, in the area of Older Adult Fitness,Yoga, Balance Training and Stroke Rehab- with the intensity of studies centering on Motor Learning and Biomechanics, completing her masters program in the CSUF Kinesiology Department in 1996. Lise worked extensively with the Arthritis Foundation on many programs for a period of 10 years- while delving deeper into Structural Yoga Therapy studies (with Mukunda Stiles), Thai Yoga Therapy (Saul David Rate, Kam Thye Chow and Pierce Salguero), Pilates,  Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley (cadaver dissection), Bowenwork, Thai Medical Theory with Nephyr Jacobsen and is now in the course of study with Alastair McLoughlin’s Scar Tissue Release Technique

Lifelong learner- never stop taking classes!

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Yoga wannabe 1970- present
Fitness, Yoga and Pilates  1983- 2010
Rancho Santiago Community College Faculty in Older Adult Fitness offering chair Yoga 1991-2005
24 Hour Fitness Yoga, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer 1991-2007
Arthritis Foundation Instructor/Trainers Trainer 1991-2005
Minister of Healing Arts 2002
Member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists 2002-present
Annual attendance of Symposium of Yoga Therapists- 6 out of 8

Thai Yoga Therapist 2000-present

Hospice Volunteer 2004-2012- and home health death carer 2013 & 2016

Pilates Instructor certified 2005-2010
Integral Anatomy Somanaut (Gil Hedley courses 2011, 2013 & 2014, 2017, 2018!
Co-Proprietor of The Metta Center since 2011
Project Homeless Connect Healing Clinic Coordinator 2011-present
Bowenwork certified practitioner effective January 2015
Palliative Care Institute Complimentary Care Interim Chairperson 2015
Thai Medical Theory and Bodywork Specialist via The Naga Center  beginning August 2017|

Art of Bowen & McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release October 2018
Ongoing study with Chinnamasta Stiles, Shiva Shakti Loka 2015-present.

Let it be known that Lise is not a massage therapist. She is a Yoga Therapist and Spiritual practitioner that works with energy to help those who seek her out, for the relief of pain- or to improve their connection to their body mind and soul. She is committed to continual learning- attending hundreds of hours of coursework each year. She practices Ancient Asian methods specific to Thai Medical Theory and has a strong affinity for Thai Herbal compresses, Kroot and the oils,  balms and salves of SE Asia.

My path in life seems to be directed to helping others find peace and ease in their body/minds and promoting the same in the universe that surrounds

Lise is involved in many community outreach programs: First Friday Free for treatment offerings at The Metta Center 2012-2015; a former Girl Scout Leader, and involved in the short lived Public Market Healing Sanctuary in Bellingham. Lise and The Metta Center offer the annual “Blankets for Bellingham” drive- a way to cover and warm the homeless on the cold winter nights, navigating a social media campaign for the Meridian School District 2016 Replacement Levy,  this to name a few….

Lise’s Luminaries:

Charles J. Flora (Jerry)- my dad. WWU President Emeritus & educator of all things, particularly Marine Biology. I credit my dad for teaching me how to be a teacher, though I’ll never rise to the level of his great ability. Sometimes I feel him coming thru me… more, and more the older I get. Thank you for offering the world to me. I miss you deeply.

Dillon Lee Howell – Biology Professor at Stephens College, who insisted the world was big enough to never stop exploring.

Saul David Raye – who first gave me the gift of Thai Yoga Therapy. Saul provided the opportunity to study and assist in teaching from 2000-2009. Thank you deeply not only for the teachings of Thai Yoga Therapy, but also for the support you have given me in becoming a better Yoga teacher over the years.

Doug Swenson- who pointed out clearly that laughter is indeed a spiritual practice. Ashtanga and Sadhana Yoga Chi 2004-2005

Mukunda Stiles- for showing the many ways in which we can open up our pathways to healing. Structural Yoga Therapy 2002-2008. You are missed, with great respect and love. Mukunda gave me the gift I refer to as “off gassing”… should you have a session and that occurs, just ask 🙂

Pierce Salguero – A warm, compassionate, easy going man,  Pierce  teaches Thai Massage, but more importanatly he dives into the deep teachings of Buddhist Medicine, History of Buddhist Medicine, and Thai Herbal Therapy. He created Tao Mountain school of Thai Massage, helped to establish Thai Institute of Healing Arts, and now independently teaches in conjunction with his academic responsibilities as Assistant Professor of Asian Studies at Abbington College of Penn State University.

Gil Hedley– whose words carry more meaning then any other single individual teaching about the body/spirit connection. Gil guides you deeper into the human form and I am especially excited to continue my course of studies with Gil, having attended 5 of his programs thus far- most significantly weeks in St. Andrews, Scotland and San Francisco, CA in the human dissection lab.

This is an ongoing list, and most certainly not complete. Thank you to my other teachers along the way – those many clients and students who continually teach me and reconnect me to the work every single day.

As a side note- Lise is very involved in social media. Check look for #Lisethaiyoga on Instagram, Facebook, Instagram #lisethaiyoga and Twitter!


I have had many types of massage before but was not familiar with Thai Yoga Therapy until I was introduced to it by Lise Waugh. I have never had a more healing experience in my life. Weeks later I can still feel the healing effects. From a car accident, over twenty years ago, I have had a chronic tightness in my left shoulder and neck. Since my Thai massage it has never felt better. This is like nothing you have ever experienced before, but it by far the best  I have ever had. I highly recommend Lise’s Thai Yoga Therapy. – Mary Benarth

 “Bowenwork is new to me. Never before have I felt so light. Like the burdens I’ve packed around have been lifted with barely a touch. Lise’s Bowen is magic, and after just a few sessions I feel pain free and ready to take on the world”  H. R. A.

“I have been seeing Lise for several years. Mostly for movement therapy- but sometimes Thai Yoga Therapy. Now I’m trying Bowen… and suddenly we are making strides that we hadn’t been able to make in a long time. Bowenwork is amazing.”  B.H.

I like the Bowen. But I prefer the Thai Yoga Therapy. I like the connection, movement and length of the Thai sessions. Bowen is really good and I think it helps me, but I prefer the long rest that I get with the Thai”  Rosemary

Thai Yoga Therapy
Thai Yoga Therapy on a Beach