Jumping into June!

In the blink of an eye, it will be June!

With that happening, an update of events and activities seems to be in order!


S L O W Flow Gentle Yoga with Lise on Monday’s begins a new series on Monday, June 5.  $108 (check, cash or venmo- ad service fee for cc) for 10 sessions, or continue dropping in at $15/class cash.

Painting Through Grief
Beginning Wednesday, June 14

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Now on a more personal note:

I have been actively practicing Yoga Therapy for more than 2 decades! Three is more precise. In this time I have had many teachers, many hours of training and thousands of hours of contact time with clients.  So now, I am reaching back into the past to retrieve my old files, blend them with the newer ones and document my life as a Yoga Therapist so that I can grandfather in to the new order of things.  Change happens. I can either just let it slide and carry on… or I be proactive and get the paperwork done.

That’s where I am.  Dedicating the month of June to make a June 30 deadline.

Can you help?

Certainly you can. If you have been a client of mine, you can send me an email testament to our work together. No particular format, but the deadline is soon. You can email that to: thaiyogatherapy@aol.com or if you prefer to snail mail me something send me an email and I will send you the snail mail address.

Thank you in advance for this. I am a procrastinator at this type of thing, and the past year has had me drifting around elsewhere. So now I am here, focused and ready to tackle the stuff.

Peace, Lise