Jenn Cohen




To Jenn, the most gratifying and vital aspect of practicing yoga is that it requires one to become more connected with intuition and responsible for one’s own wellbeing.

As a teacher, she is simply present to create a thoughtful sequence of movements, hold the energetic space, and encourage safe engagement with the poses.

Jenn sees this as a humbling and incredibly gratifying position to hold within the community, and she believes the real sustenance exists in the student’s practice and relationship to the self. Having received a Masters in Fine Arts in 2008 and always lived life as an artist, her perceptive nature as well as her colourful and creative personality comes through in her classes. She is driven toward a sensibility of calm and ease, while utilizing vigor and intention setting to challenge the individual.

With support of props for comfort and healthy alignment, breath inquiry to understand the beauty and complexity of inhalation and exhalation, and mindful awareness to draw attention to the details of how we unique beings move through our days, Jenn’s classes are always well-rounded and accommodating to each individual present.

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