Happy New Year!

New beginnings.  It’s that time of year where we make plans, resolutions and say things like “this year is going to be better”.

Better than what? What are you really going to do differently than you have been before? Change is always happening, we just need to remember to be a part of it, and acknowledge or bear witness to it when it does. If we ignore it, tamp it down- it still happens, we just feel it as pressure- or worse, we deny it completely and are not able to reap the benefits.

We are change. Each time the air we breath in moves out… a change has happened. Do you feel it? How does it feel? How does it feel to experience the breath which escapes the confines of your lungs?

Take a second or two…. exhale.

Feel that? Ahhh, good.

Now, draw in the next one….

Feel that?  Ahhhhh…. so good.

Now let that one go and do it again.

Breath coaching. We all need that from time to time.

It’s a new year, every year. A new day, every day. A new breath, every breath.

Just start now. Doesn’t have to be because the calendar just said it is January 2017. Just start now. Noticing, feeling and marveling at this amazing body presence you live in. You are incredible! The odds of your having survived birth alone are astounding. You are incredible. You’ve made it this far, so just keep breathing.

And moving.

And to help you do that- we have group sessions you can participate in! They’re designed to help you find that breath, move your body blissfully and increase your overall sense of well being!

Here’s the lowdown as of January 3, 2017:

Lise is teaching Monday’s and Thursday’s at 5:00:  S L O W Flow Gentle Yoga $108 = 1/week $200 = 2/week. Starting January 16 and ending March 16. Those are series prices. Per class pricing: $15. You can pay cash or check and you can use Venmo for credit card or bank to bank processing.

Remember, each provider has their own payment system. You pay your instructor directly 😉

John has his Tuesday evening Yoga at 5:30- his long time students would love having new friends join in. There’s space for you!

Joani teaches Gentle Yoga Tuesday/Thursday at 10:30am- those ongoing classes are in full swing!

Art is teaching Wednesday’s at 8:30 am and 6:30 pm! Tai Chi…. oh you will love it!

Jenn has a lovely Yin Yoga class Friday’s at 6:00pm.

Those are just some of the ideas we have to help you find the movement you crave in your body now.

Private sessions with Lise, Kate, and Sam are available most days of the week. Check our menu of services!

And finally- we welcome Lorrie Brilla back to TMC!

Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul (Feb 11, 2017)
Lorrie Brilla leads this releasing mundane thoughts and control so to let the magical unfold. Focus on health and healing. Wear comfortable clothing. Floor seating, bring that which you need to be comfortable. $ donationFor more info: duganyeti@gmail.com