Did you know???

There are three weekly occurring classes that you may register for online. Signing up online is a wonderful way to inform your instructor that you will be attending, which allows them to prepare properly for your participation! Reminders and announcements regarding schedule changes/cancellations are another benefit to having signed up in advance.

Signing up is super easy- click here! Once you get to the scheduler site, click on “classes”.  It’s easy to follow, you are not required to pay when you do. You may opt out of receiving email notifications at any time.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with grace. Thank you for checking in.

Here are the three classes you currently are able to register for in advance. (Same link applies to all our private services)

Monday Expressive Arts Grief & Inwardness Group
time Monday’s 5:00pm – 6:30pm
instructor Steve Podry
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
Tuesday Tuesday Night Yoga
time Tuesday’s 5:30pm – 6:50pm
instructor John Hawkins
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
location The Metta Center
Wednesday Lise Gentle Flow Yoga
time Wednesday’s 5:30pm – 6:50pm
instructor Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYT
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
location The Metta Center

Recipe for starting your day off right:

Prior to rolling out of bed, wiggle your body. Move your joints. Just move them- no rules. Get’s the joints lubricated and ready for action.

Before eating your first meal of the day, drink some warm water. Let that be the first thing that enters your body on every given day. Lubricates your insides, prepares your digestive system for other things to follow, and begins hydrating you from the inside out after hours of inaction.


Movement with Metta!