Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am working from my home office today. I am fortunate to have this view of Mount Baker while I tend to the long forgotten tasks of administration… the least desirable hat I wear as a small business owner- updating the website, scheduler and paying old bills!


Much has gone on in the very long time a blog post has been made on behalf of TMC! Charlie the Skeleton has grown weary of waiting around for an update to be done- so, today is the day! No point in putting it off any longer!

The Metta Center is having another snow day today- there have been several of late. Soon enough we will be back to business as usual- Yoga classes taught by Lise and Joani in the mornings, private sessions of Yoga as Therapy, Massage, Bowen, Thai Bodywork and MSTR® (scar tissue release).  There have been some staff changes and we are entering a new phase with new faces- so let’s welcome Alyssa Zender while we are at it! Alyssa is a long time student of Lise’s and an excellent Massage Therapist as well.  You may schedule Thai Bodywork (Thai Massage) with Alyssa from this very website! 

Lise is on the team of international instructors for the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release program.  You may schedule a private or semi private ON LINE class or book in at a One Day (8 hour) intensive course.  She is available to come to you as well, if you have a group of 10 or so- let’s set that up so you can learn the most impressive technique for scar tissue release. Learn more about MSTR® and schedule your private lesson or one day course with Lise here: Scar Tissue Release

Of course, you can schedule your own personal treatment with Lise too!


Did you know???

There are three weekly occurring classes that you may register for online. Signing up online is a wonderful way to inform your instructor that you will be attending, which allows them to prepare properly for your participation! Reminders and announcements regarding schedule changes/cancellations are another benefit to having signed up in advance.

Signing up is super easy- click here! Once you get to the scheduler site, click on “classes”.  It’s easy to follow, you are not required to pay when you do. You may opt out of receiving email notifications at any time.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you with grace. Thank you for checking in.

Here are the three classes you currently are able to register for in advance. (Same link applies to all our private services)

Monday Expressive Arts Grief & Inwardness Group
time Monday’s 5:00pm – 6:30pm
instructor Steve Podry
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
Tuesday Tuesday Night Yoga
time Tuesday’s 5:30pm – 6:50pm
instructor John Hawkins
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
location The Metta Center
Wednesday Lise Gentle Flow Yoga
time Wednesday’s 5:30pm – 6:50pm
instructor Lise Flora Waugh, C-IAYT
price $15.00 – Clients can book online.
location The Metta Center

Recipe for starting your day off right:

Prior to rolling out of bed, wiggle your body. Move your joints. Just move them- no rules. Get’s the joints lubricated and ready for action.

Before eating your first meal of the day, drink some warm water. Let that be the first thing that enters your body on every given day. Lubricates your insides, prepares your digestive system for other things to follow, and begins hydrating you from the inside out after hours of inaction.


Movement with Metta!




Being blessed with all this cold weather, while watching the daffodils bloom and the birds sing, makes one wonder- what is really going on with this thing called “Spring”?

Weather is fun to observe- and we sometimes forget that our bodies are subject to the same pressures as the universe within which we live!  It is true! All the elements that make up nature around us, exist within us! When the weather patterns outside seem to be out of sorts, it’s not a bad idea to go internal and see how this body you live in, is doing.

Relax more, breathe always, and take time to look about and immerse your view of the world within your grasp. One need not travel far to see much!

Try this:  look at the area outside, wherever you happen to be- do you see anything green? If so- how many shades of green do you see? Once you start looking for the variations in color, hue, and tone your mind will be boggled at the process! Don’t stress on this- it’s simply an observational game to play that reminds us how varied things really are, even just the color green!

Colors hard for you to see? No worries- try touch. Being outside, get down on the ground, close your eyes and just touch. Feel the various textures, temperatures, shapes that your hands detect when you touch the ground around you. This is an amazing experience, and quite calming for the body mind to explore nature, right there where you happen to be.

Those are just two examples of simple experiences you can do to bring yourself back into the moment of being here, right here, now!

More later- but a client just walked in the door, so this girl is shifting gears now!

On to a Thai Bodywork session that will promote ease, balance, and point specific relief to the lucky fella’ who is about to land on my mat!


Sometimes things just….. happen…

You may have taken a gander at TMC’s website and found yourself confused… particularly if you’d been a frequent visitor before.  Rest assured, you are not the only one! Here’s the thing….

Sometime during the winter I (Lise) was playing with theme’s for the website, and I managed to happen upon one I found “intriguing”.  In that moment we had a power outage.  In that moment the new theme was “adopted” to our website.

But I did not log in again… for a long, long time…. I thought I had been playing around.  Winter was busy- my coming and going, so much travel, taking a lot of classes, seeing a lot of clients… yada yada yada!

So here we are… a website that does not look the same as the old one, to us old timers- and one that feels incomplete as it stands right now.

I am self taught. I also have a hard time relinquishing control…. it’s a challenge to figure these things out- and usually the challenge is fun!  This one has not been terribly fun.

If you have a better idea- message me! If you like it- message me!  But most of all- understand that this is a learning process and also a economic process.  You see, if we pay someone to manage our website- then that money needs to come from somewhere! YOU? The client? We prefer to keep our prices down in order to serve you best.

While at the same time realizing that we all have talents, we all have that which gives us bliss.  Is it not best to serve others with the talents you possess that also give you bliss? Indeed, I think so. Happy campers lead to more happy campers.

So, I digress…. this website appears to be under construction until a decision is made to either keep with it or redo the whole bloody thing! Your guess is as good as mine!

Now- for an update on the new offerings of TMC:

Welcome Steve Podry! Steve will be teaching Melodious Bardo- Opening to Grief & Inwardness with music, image-making, ceremony and writing- beginning Monday’s from 4-6pm starting on April 16.  Steve will be taking over the time slot that has formerly held Gentle Flow Yoga with Lise.

Lise is focusing her path on Traditional Thai Bodywork- sharpening her skills and opening her book to more clients and students.  She has a full time practice and will now only be offering one Yoga class/week- Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm.

Our other Yoga teachers, John and Joani- continue with their regular schedule.

Sam Dart continues her Structural Integration work and is learning more about Thai Massage from Lise- as well as developing her skills with Reusi Dat Ton.  One day we hope to offer a class led by Sam in this ancient form of “Thai Yoga”.  Both Lise and Sam study Reusi Dat Ton with David Wells, who was teaching at TMC in February.

John has some of his art on display in the foyer- including some beautiful note cards available for purchase. John’s art has been selling well of recent- and he has had shows locally at The Lettered Streets Coffee Shop and in Lynden at Jansen Art Center.

Yin holds fort on Saturday mornings providing her Thai Bodywork and may be opening up a Saturday healing clinic by donation with other healers in the community.  Stay posted on that one!

So- big things continue to be happening at TMC, and we roll into spring ready, willing and able to serve you to our best ability.

Blessings and Love


Blessings abound!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is only natural for most of us to center our thoughts around gratitude.  It seems this time of year gratitude comes out of the woodwork, as if it is a requirement- a ritual required of the National Day of Thanksgiving.

I suggest that gratitude is an act of daily awareness! Taking a moment, every day, to give thanks for that which sustains you, that which amazes you, that which is basic and necessary and oft taken for granted.  Those little things, which are really quite big: waking up, food in the belly, water  from the tap, going to sleep and waking again to do it all again. Really, how marvelous! Anything otherwise is actually the norm for many- so take that moment to give thanks for the normalcy of the basics… because for you, they might be basic.  For many (perhaps you too) those things are a great luxury.

Do you sleep safely tonight?  My hope is that you do. Should you not, blessings upon your head that you be safe, you be warm, you be protected, you know that you are loved- even by this stranger at another end of a keyboard… perhaps far, far, away.

The Metta Center is a place of healing. That is our mission. To help those in need of bliss, or in need of ease, or in need of peace. We do that. We do that well. We are here to help you find that which you need in the way of connection with your heart/mind. Jai.

Lise continues to enhance her tool belt- and has reconnected her deep relationship with Traditional Thai Medicine. As a student at The Naga Center, she is working on another designation as a Thai Medical Specialist.  In that light, she has reframed her focus- and you might notice the use of the word “Thai Bodywork” in places where “Thai Yoga Therapy” used to exist.  This is to help differentiate the complex relationship between Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga. The worlds are separate, yet somehow intertwined.  Lise is both a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and a practitioner of the Ancient Asian system referred to as Thai Bodywork.

The Metta Center is once again filled with the healing aroma of Thai Herbal Therapy- most notably the aroma of Plai- (Cassumar Ginger).  Plai is the most noticeable compound floating out of the steamer on any given day at TMC.  Other ingredients supported within these herbal compresses are: lemongrass, mint, turmeric, calamus, patchouli, knifer lime, camphor and salt.  Surely, other ingredients will find there way into these glorious bundles- but the basic essence is the same.

The goal? To ease your hardened muscles into softness. To pull the stiffness out of your joints. To facilitate ease of breathing when congestion seems to have taken hold. To help you with aches and pains, stagnation and give you a fabulous peace of mind. Yes, PEACE of mind <3

Who receives the treatment?

Anyone who schedules a 2 hour Thai Bodywork (Thai Yoga Therapy) session with Lise, most surely will.  In addition to heated compresses, your treatment might include: scraping, cupping, warming oil rubs…

What to wear?

Not a problem- if you are concerned about what to wear, based on your concern about balms and heat being used- we have Thai Fisherman pants and X-tra large T shirts available to wear.

Just in case:

If you prefer to wear your own clothing- wear the kind of thing that is easy to move in, and easy to move! Your treatment is private, and no doubt your confidence in Lise is high. After all, most of you have been seeing her since 2007 in Bellingham…. much longer than that in LA

So- book soon- openings are limited.

Looking forward to helping you find balance, peace and ease during this busy time of year.

Please check our Workshops Page! We are very excited to host David Wells for the SECOND TIME as he presents Reusi Dat Ton, February 2-5, 2018!

All the details are there, including the link to register.  If you practice Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork, or Thai Massage- it is a MUST DO class. CEC’s are available. Yoga teachers, this one is for you as well- Yoga Alliance CEC’s available too!  People with bodies who are interested in developing a self care movement medicine practice- this is for YOU!

Please join us! Space is limited- so sign up ASAP (better deal financially as well).

And Thank you.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this! We’ve come so far!

Email  thaiyogatherapy@aol.com with the answer to the following question:

What kind of workshop are we having February 2-5, 2018 at TMC?

The first person to send the correct answer will win $50 towards a 2 hour session of Thai Bodywork with Lise! This is based on a $185 first session price therefore, $135 for a 2 hour sessions with Lise! Email your answer NOW!


Summer 2017 has found us!

The studio has been all abuzz with activity!  (And a’chirp! You can hear the nesting birds all around you, even when inside. Nature’s music in our sanctuary)

Read the list of some of our summer fun and summer has only just begun!

Intuitive Painting classes

LuLaRoe clothing parties (most colorful and comfy leggings around)

Modeling our fun new leggings


Yoga of many kinds- 5 gentle therapeutic Yoga classes per week! Lise, John, Joani and Jenn!

Thai Yoga Therapy- Gently yet deep, intensely relaxing, full body/mind experience: Lise, Sam and now Jennifer is offering student sessions for a massive discount!

Bowenwork- Lise offers this gentle, energy based myofascial release technique

Yoga Therapy- Lise provides distance sessions via FaceTime/Skype as well as in person

Structural Integration- This is Sam’s department!

Massage Therapy- If you aren’t really sure and just want to relax, book a session with Sam

Tai Chi- Art is on hiatus, Kelly is here as is Kelsi!

Qi Gong- same

Charlie is often found demonstrating a therapeutic Yoga pose- and if Charlie can do it, YOU can too!

Project Homeless Connect- Healing Clinic- 4 of our practitioners are donating their time for this annual event: Lise is the director of the Healing Clinic and provides treatments as well as Yoga Therapy, Sam providing treatments, John nesting into our newest feature,  teaching Yoga and Meditation in the Sanctuary Room and Kelly will offer Tai Chi.

We’re busy. There definitely is something here for you!

The common thread with all of these is the emphasis towards “self care”.  Self care is in the categories of preventative as well as curative care.  The steps we take to our increased sense of well beingness holds the highest of payoffs! Be well and stay happy.  With great respect and love.



Here are some of Lise’s favorite summertime self care tips:

Warm soak in magnesium flakes.  20-40 minute warm (not hot) soak in a tub with magnesium flakes will help restore your energy, can help decrease chronic pain, assists in rebalancing the minerals of the body… leaves your skin feeling soft…. after dabbing yourself dry, massage your favorite oil (sesame, coconut, almond…) all over your body and into your hair.  Go to sleep!  Rest well.  Try it regularly, try it often!

If you are in need of the flakes- check with Lise.  She has them available.


(If you are inclined to take a full body soak in natures warm mineral waters, do that! That’s the ultimate in goodnessyness!)

Drinking water is something we talk about often. It’s almost like a broken record for some of you. I hear you… blah blah blah blah.  But do it! Water does a body good.  Starting your day with a cup of warm water eases your system back into action.  Makes way for the other “stuff” you are about to put into your body. Warm water, not tepid… think about it. Your body is approximately 98.6F, so taking anything in first thing in the morning that is cold or solid is a bit of a shocker to process.  So warm the water and feel that enter your body. No resistance. Only acceptance.

Some of you have complained that you don’t like the taste of natures most basic liquid.  Odd statement it seems.  But you can dress it up with: lemon, cucumber, cardamom…..

These are just a couple of ideas as to how to invoke restful sleep at night and start your day off with the best possible outcome.  Self care.  Really simple. Give those two things a go! Report back and wait for more ideas another day.

Peace be with you, and all those around you. May you be happy, stay well, be safe and feel free.

With great respect and love



Jumping into June!

In the blink of an eye, it will be June!

With that happening, an update of events and activities seems to be in order!


S L O W Flow Gentle Yoga with Lise on Monday’s begins a new series on Monday, June 5.  $108 (check, cash or venmo- ad service fee for cc) for 10 sessions, or continue dropping in at $15/class cash.

Painting Through Grief
Beginning Wednesday, June 14

Click here for FB event

Now on a more personal note:

I have been actively practicing Yoga Therapy for more than 2 decades! Three is more precise. In this time I have had many teachers, many hours of training and thousands of hours of contact time with clients.  So now, I am reaching back into the past to retrieve my old files, blend them with the newer ones and document my life as a Yoga Therapist so that I can grandfather in to the new order of things.  Change happens. I can either just let it slide and carry on… or I be proactive and get the paperwork done.

That’s where I am.  Dedicating the month of June to make a June 30 deadline.

Can you help?

Certainly you can. If you have been a client of mine, you can send me an email testament to our work together. No particular format, but the deadline is soon. You can email that to: thaiyogatherapy@aol.com or if you prefer to snail mail me something send me an email and I will send you the snail mail address.

Thank you in advance for this. I am a procrastinator at this type of thing, and the past year has had me drifting around elsewhere. So now I am here, focused and ready to tackle the stuff.

Peace, Lise

April showers brings……

April has been slithering her way through the calendar, and May is soon to come! The grass is green HERE, not greener over there!

As Bellingham’s only Yoga Therapy and Healing Arts Studio, we have multiple practitioners that hold many degrees and certifications and are able and interested in working with people of all ages and experiences- to help you find ease in your body/mind. Our practitioners are charitable and offer their services to community based events that nurture the poor, the weak and those otherwise not able to receive.

One such event is Project Homeless Connect. TMC is the administrative home of the PHC Healing Clinic. A free day of service for those homeless in our community. Offering Massage, Acupuncture and other forms of Bodywork. July 21 is the calendar date this year and you can expect to see Lise and Sam providing talc that day.

Needless to say…… we are happy to say that things are going well over here!  Classes are flourishing, bodywork sessions are booked weeks in advanced and the studio is shiny and clean!

Thank you to Whatcom Janitorial for keeping the glitz on for us! I walked in today after being gone for 2 weeks and found a shiny, clean and fresh studio to greet me. So much gratitude. Charlie here says it all 🙂




On that note- would you like to earn a free class free? Using  your smart phone, check in at TMC taking a picture of Charlie- and #belikecharlie when you check in to The Metta Center! We see and appreciate those check ins and will make it worth your while!  5 check ins will get you a free class with Lise or John, and probably Jenn too. 10 check ins will get you $20 off a full priced 90 minute session with Lise and I bet Sam too! Start checking in asap! You don’t want to miss this!

You heard about it here. You won’t hear about it anywhere else!

Lise just returned from another 10 day course with Gil Hedley. She has been in the dissection lab with Gil numerous times, and each time something more is “un-learned”.  Un-learning is a great thing to do! You create new space in your judgment brain to be open to sensing your way through life. This is a positive and leaves space for reflection. Much reflection!

Quote to sink in with: “We are all just getting comfortable with increasing our tolerance for pleasure!”

Much love

More privacy, increased entry space

It’s been a long time coming, this wall you now see when you walk into The Metta Center!

While we are still under a bit of construction, we have come a long way in just a couple of weekends. You can be sure more changes are to come, but not for a bit- many other things happening that will be tended to first!

Did you realize that The Metta Center is the only full fledged center in Whatcom County that caters to the therapeutic aspect of Yoga? Did you know that TMC’s Yoga Teachers have been practicing Yoga Therapy for decades? If you combine our years of experience: 108 years and ticking! That is between Lise, John, Joani and Jenn!  Put that together you find a diverse and rich background with abilities to suit many different stories in all kinds of bodies.

Here are just a few of the scenarios our teachers are familiar with:

  • Death. Supporting the person in transition with gentle touch, holding space, maintaining ease, mantra.
  • Joint repairs/replacements/injuries
  • Postoperative recovery in general.
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Stroke
  • COPD
  • Ataxia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress

We bring forward ancient teachings via Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, Yama’s and Niyama’s, Mantra, Structural Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy and more. Our diverse instructional staff is here to help guide you in group classes and/or private sessions of instruction and/or hands on technique.

We look forward to helping you move into a life with a better connection to your body/mind, reduced pain and increased awareness as the teacher within you is revealed.

With the establishment of our newest treatment room, we will have a better ability to serve your individual needs.

With Metta


March into Qigong, Tai Chi and Thai Yoga!

Baby it’s cold out there!  It’s March… but it feels like December. We’ve had crazy weather in these parts, and the air still holds winter’s chill. #notmygroundhog is a common theme these days (as the ground hog predicted more winter… groundhog was right…).

But Spring does come forth and soon we will be celebrating the vivid days and warmer nights. Relax and breathe. It is coming!

So much going on at TMC! Where did we leave off???

Welcome to Kelly Hong-Williams! Kelly is moving her Tai Chi and Qigong for Health practice to TMC beginning with a workshop on April 14.  That is a Friday, as she is targeting the crowd that will be able to fulfill that time of day on an ongoing basis.

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art well known for its many health benefits. The slow, gentle, and meditative movements promote balance, increase flexibility and strength, and reduce stress. Regular practice brings about a deep sense of peace and well-being.

While some call it “meditation in motion”, Harvard Medical School calls it “medication in motion” for its numerous positive effects on health.

Qigong is a collection of methods used to cultivate the energy known as “Life Force” or “Bioelectricity”. This energy that runs through and around our bodies is meant to run smoothly and in good supply. When the energy supply is low, gets stuck, or is out of balance, it can lead to health issues. By keeping your energy in good order, your natural healing ability is enhanced.

In a world where life moves very quickly and information comes at us from every direction, it’s essential to find balance by slowing down and filtering out what is not truly useful.

Join certified Tai Chi and Health Qigong instructor, Kelly Hong-Williams, for an introduction to gentle exercises that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

Date: Friday, April 14th, 2017 12:00-1:15 p.m.

Location: The Metta Center 1602 Carolina St. D12

Cost: By donation.

Contact: Kelly Hong-Williams 360-633-3983


Here’s a link the flier:  Intro Qigong Kelly

TMC is Whatcom County’s Thai Yoga hub. Truly. We have 4 skilled practitioners offering variations of Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork. Some practice soft forms, others deeper, and all with an inner eye to the individual presently on the mat. We are here to serve you with loving kindness, metta.  Try a session with each one, see where your bliss resides: Lise, Sam, Kate and Greg- all highly skilled practitioneTMC is Whatcom County’s Thai Yoga hub. rs of this ancient modality. Click here to schedule now