Happy New Year!

New beginnings.  It’s that time of year where we make plans, resolutions and say things like “this year is going to be better”.

Better than what? What are you really going to do differently than you have been before? Change is always happening, we just need to remember to be a part of it, and acknowledge or bear witness to it when it does. If we ignore it, tamp it down- it still happens, we just feel it as pressure- or worse, we deny it completely and are not able to reap the benefits.

We are change. Each time the air we breath in moves out… a change has happened. Do you feel it? How does it feel? How does it feel to experience the breath which escapes the confines of your lungs?

Take a second or two…. exhale.

Feel that? Ahhh, good.

Now, draw in the next one….

Feel that?  Ahhhhh…. so good.

Now let that one go and do it again.

Breath coaching. We all need that from time to time.

It’s a new year, every year. A new day, every day. A new breath, every breath.

Just start now. Doesn’t have to be because the calendar just said it is January 2017. Just start now. Noticing, feeling and marveling at this amazing body presence you live in. You are incredible! The odds of your having survived birth alone are astounding. You are incredible. You’ve made it this far, so just keep breathing.

And moving.

And to help you do that- we have group sessions you can participate in! They’re designed to help you find that breath, move your body blissfully and increase your overall sense of well being!

Here’s the lowdown as of January 3, 2017:

Lise is teaching Monday’s and Thursday’s at 5:00:  S L O W Flow Gentle Yoga $108 = 1/week $200 = 2/week. Starting January 16 and ending March 16. Those are series prices. Per class pricing: $15. You can pay cash or check and you can use Venmo for credit card or bank to bank processing.

Remember, each provider has their own payment system. You pay your instructor directly 😉

John has his Tuesday evening Yoga at 5:30- his long time students would love having new friends join in. There’s space for you!

Joani teaches Gentle Yoga Tuesday/Thursday at 10:30am- those ongoing classes are in full swing!

Art is teaching Wednesday’s at 8:30 am and 6:30 pm! Tai Chi…. oh you will love it!

Jenn has a lovely Yin Yoga class Friday’s at 6:00pm.

Those are just some of the ideas we have to help you find the movement you crave in your body now.

Private sessions with Lise, Kate, and Sam are available most days of the week. Check our menu of services!

And finally- we welcome Lorrie Brilla back to TMC!

Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul (Feb 11, 2017)
Lorrie Brilla leads this releasing mundane thoughts and control so to let the magical unfold. Focus on health and healing. Wear comfortable clothing. Floor seating, bring that which you need to be comfortable. $ donationFor more info:

TMC Welcomes Coastal Yoga Therapy!

This has been an exciting week meeting Kate and Greg and their lovely little Lucy- the beings behind Coastal Yoga Therapy.

Kate Marvel and Greg Schultz have relocated their busy practice from Savannah, GA to TMC in Bellingham!
Currently you will find them holding space in “The Room”  on Tuesday’s- Noon-5pm.  We expect they will grow out of that time slot quickly and offer a more expansive presence in the not too distant future. Welcome to the family!

Get to know our two newest practitioners by visiting their web presence at Coastal Yoga Therapy. They offer Thai Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy and are booking private sessions at The Metta Center now.

Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient practice and performed in many differing styles across the globe. We are fortunate to have FOUR practitioners at TMC- each with their own unique personality and style.

Lise’s has been practicing since 2000 and has studied with many teachers from around the world. Her style has evolved into a very slow and gentle form utilizing the traditional components: sen line (elemental energy balancing), palming, stretching, acupressure and is deeply relaxing. She is typically booked a month in advanced with limited time slots available. Lise has been teaching Thai Yoga Therapy with select apprentices since 2003. Sam Dart is her most recent graduate.
Sam Dart Dart has trained extensively with Lise and is in the process of developing her own level of understanding with the Thai Yoga Therapy, while incorporating her vast experience in Structural Integration. Sam also works with a slow and gentle rhythm.

You might find that Kate and Greg have a similar, yet different style- deeply rooting into the sen lines with your specific needs in mind!  If you’ve been receiving from Lise, you’ll want to give these new kids on the block a go!




You can’t go wrong with any of them. We recommend you try them all! A monthly session at minimum, rotating practitioners each time; weekly sessions, rotating practitioners each week; or try them all and settle with the one that is speaking to you!

No two bodies the same
No two days the same
No two days in a body the same
No two practitioners the same
Not all practitioners for all bodies on all days!

Schedule your Thai Yoga Therapy session today!

bhavatu sabba mangalam

Like the rain that’s pouring….

Like the watery downpours that are happening in Bellingham of late, TMC is a flood of activity too!

This is a good thing! Good for our community, studio and YOU.

Welcome to our new Yoga teacher, Jenn Cohen!

Jenn arrived at our doorstep with a bag full of tools that meshed very well with the healing vibe we attract at TMC. Her timing was divine perfection as Lise was taking a necessary hibernation to tend to her mothers last days. (You may remember that Rosemary Flora was a great benefactor to The Metta Center- a long time client and the provider of our good housekeeping…..) Lise needed to be home, Jenn needed a place to share her Yoga gifts and the Monday 5:00 S L O W Flow Yoga class needed someone to gently guide them.

Thank you to Jenn for holding space with my Kula.

We are happy to announce that Jenn has two time-slots of her own right now! She will help you navigate your body/mind scenarios on:

Thursday 6:30: Stretch, Strengthen and Restore
Friday 6:30: Meditative Yin Yoga

They are both delicious. I can speak to that from a personal point of view- as I continue my own personal healing after 4 years of family members checking out- I’ve been finding my way into Jenn’s safe, healing space. Perhaps you will too. This is the perfect time to start. Read Jenn’s personal statement here

Sam Dart has completed her basic and intermediate training in Thai Yoga Therapy. She has spent several months in private apprenticeship training with Lise (me!) and has picked up the subtle nuances of this ancient healing art, so well. You will be delighted to fit a session in with Sam.  Sam has a full menu of offerings which you can check out when booking at our premium online booking center: Book here now!

And finally, we are still walking in the annual Jingle Bell Run Walk! That is coming SOON! Please join us, or donate to a cause


That’s a LOT for one morning!

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May you and all other beings be happy, feel safe and live love- free from persecution, free to experience bliss, free…

Join Team Metta in this years Jingle Bell Run/Walk!

Get in the spirit of compassion and joy this holiday season! Join our team, tie bells to your shoes or your ears, dress in a festive costume and raise funds to help cure arthritis. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of more than 50 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who face the daily challenges of the nation’s #1 cause of disability.

Join us for the event by signing up on the link below! If you can not participate in person, you can donate directly at the link below!

Arthritis affects YOU- if not in your body now, most certainly in the folks that surround you on a daily basis. Let’s work together to help each other out!  Join Team Metta!

Team Metta 2014!
Team Metta 2014!

Reaching into the community

TMC is respected in the local community for not only our healing space, but for our community outreach programs, continuing education and services.

This summer we have hosted continuing education workshops for massage therapists local and from afar. We have engaged in a successful and growing Harp Healing program and look forward to greater opportunities in that area.

We are on track for hosting a CPR and First Aid course in September….

AND we have once again entered the fundraising festivities for the annual Arthritis Foundations Jingle Bell Run/Walk in December!

Join Team Metta for your healing and well being, and help others along the way!

For information regarding the ongoing courses for massage therapy continuing education, click on our “Workshops and Events” tab.

If you are in need of CPR and First Aid training, connect with us on this FB Event.

And to join us for the Jingle Bell Run- having fun while raising money for the Arthritis Foundation, Join Team Metta!  

Thank you for all that you do! Now let’s do more together!

Alive. Anew. Refreshed!

Was a windy day on a beach we called Omaha. My struggle was a peaceful one, unlike the struggle fought here  on June 6, 1944. D-Day. All I was trying to do was stand tall, breathe and send blessings to those who were not able to do so here. In the past.

My Uncle was a paratrooper in that war. He landed somewhere to the southwest of where I am standing in this picture. The stories are unclear, and all the people who could have told them well are gone. But I recall he landed in an area and was separated from his unit. A young man, alone behind “enemy” lines. When I was a little girl he told me he was “scared”.

As I’m standing in this picture, I’m thinking about my uncle and I’m wondering where he had landed, and trying to imagine the events as they were happening…. and I sent him blessings. For his life was forever altered, he was always a tormented man after that war. Trauma will do that to you.

The day after I returned home from my visit to the Normandy Coast and the UK- I had the good fortune of participating in the annual Project Homeless Connect (PHC) event. Five years ago I assembled a group of alternative/complimentary practitioners that we refer to as the PHC Healers Posse.  PHC is the culminating event wherein we donate our services to those who are not otherwise inclined or able to receive. From massage, to energy work, to acupuncture- we are there for those in need. Many of whom have endured trauma’s not unlike my uncle Bruce.

This year we had more children visit our Healing Clinic than ever before. Children ranging from babies to teens. Wise young people that can tell stories that many adults would never know (and thankfully so). I am truly grateful for the gifts I am given and feel it my calling to share them freely with those who are not able to otherwise receive.

Each year we transform the music room at Bellingham High School into a spa like therapy room. We provide our guests treatments with Metta (loving kindness) in a community style setting. This has proven over the years to be very calming and highly welcomed to the visitors we receive. One day of the year they can count on being pampered and cared for with great respect and love. This year, we logged in 90 adults seen- this did not include all of the children that found their way onto our tables…. 8 practitioners, 90+ treatments, in one day.


PHC Healing Clinic 2016 in the Bellingham High School “music room”

……. and just like that, I am back. Back in the world of reality. Clients booked on my schedule, students registering for my one and only Yoga class- Monday’s at 5 pm. Life in full color, texture and sound.

Changed. Forever changed. You are changed. All is new, this and every day. The past is tucked neatly away, this moment is fresh, and tomorrow is merely a fantasy. Seize this moment now, as always- new. Different. Changed from the one before. We are time stamped from our experiences. They build and make us stronger, wiser and prepare us to relate to others… but they do not define us. We are much greater than our past. Layers of learning, life and love- and the layers continue to sculpt our essence. Like the layers on an oil painting- the more intriguing the painting, the more layers applied…

You are intriguing! Your life experience gives you depth and beauty. All compiled to enhance the essence of YOU. No one event defining.

As you exhale, I invite you to release the tendencies to drum up the past. As you inhale, invite the essence of living in this moment into your being. Breath out that which is not of service to you now, breathe in the vitality and freedom of who you truly are.

A sum of this moment now. Alive.  Anew. Refreshed

Namaste- perhaps I’ll see you on the mat 🙂


You’re in good hands

As I put my fingers to the keyboard on this Sunday morning- I was a bit unsure of what to say….

Then it occurred to me that “you are in good hands”.

The Metta Center is a roof, a space held within loving walls and cared for by gifted teachers and holistic practitioners that have your healing at heart. You are in good hands.

So I, as a steward of TMC, have nothing to worry about while I am gone.


With that said- Thank you.

The evening Yoga class for the months of June/July are the continuously occurring Tuesday 5:30 class. This class is led by John Hawkins- who is a prime example of moving through live in a healing journey of his own. You are sure to find a gentle and relaxed experience.  He’s taking drop in students for $10 this summer.

In August- the drop in price returns to $15.  (We had lowered it as a welcoming to the new space… but that really was two years ago).  $15 per class as a drop in, with the use of a punch card that will give you a free class after 10 paid.  The discounted package of 10 is still available for $90- those are prepaid and used consecutively (i.e., 10 classes= 10 weeks of Yoga)- punch cards do not apply to the discounted packages.

Lise is now out of the studio until the last week of July. Sam is offering multiple days of bodywork on a regular basis. Enjoy Massage, Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral, and basic elements of Thai Massage. Schedule with Sam via our online scheduler.

View our workshop links and schedule page for information on other activities and classes available to you during the summer! There are many!

You are in good hands!

Summarily Summarizing Summer!

When we first opened our present location, Violet Harris graced us with her sacred harp sounds. Those healing vibrations truly opened the space and were felt for quite some time- we are grateful.

Now we have another harpist in our presence! Not only one to serenade our Yoga classes from time to time, but one who shares the space for healing with her own methods of sound healing. Using and teaching the Harp. Christine Magnussen has taught custom harp lessons locally and on Skype since 2004 and brought live harp therapy to hospice, cancer and hospital patients. Her calming harp CD, “On Wings of a Dove – Harp Music to Soothe the Soul brings calm throughout the world. Her favorite lap harps reflect the colors of nature and the rainbow. Our schedule is filling with Christine’s workshops. Visit our workshop schedule see Christine’s offerings, and more.Christine Magnussen
Click here to visit her website and for more info about Christine:  Christine Magnussen Bio

With all the magical harp happenings, it is clear TMC is in a good place.  John is healing well, and back to teaching his Tuesday night class. Joan’s classes are hopping in the morning. Arts Tai Chi is steady and smooth. Sam is increasing not only her offerings, but also her time slot.  All this puts TMC in a good place for me, Lise- to fly off to parts unknown for the next 5 weeks.

May you be happy
May you be well
May you be safe
May you be protected

May you be happy

May you be free.

Lokah Samastaa Sukhino Bhavantu


The seasons of life

My children have grown up in gyms, Yoga studios, on Yoga retreats. From birth on, they were hauled around to “work” with mom in aerobic studios, weight rooms, gyms, Yoga studios, convalescent homes, college classrooms and major league baseball spring training (thai massage)…. In their “formative” years they have been surrounded by my students and the “work” that they do. So much variety, so many beautiful souls.

Keana meditating
<3 Keana in meditation

Now the season of life is changing again, and the youngest child of mine is spreading her wings.  While she has not been “lugged” to the studio in a long time (after all she is almost 18), she has been a regular visitor, participant and my bookkeeper for quite some time.

As our family celebrates this big transition, my clients will be observing it from their own perspective. Feels like, abandonment!

“Lise is taking a LOT of time off this summer” I’ve heard some say
“Lise usually takes time off in the summer, but this time she’s really going to be gone a long time”
“It’s really hard to find a time on the schedule for a session with Lise right now”…

All these statements are true.

Our family is gathering several times over the course of the next 3 months- each as a celebratory gesture in the path of transition. For each of these occurrences, I am taking off time. Some of us are traveling to the UK and France, and much of it is pleasure (some business, as I am agreeing to attend a course here and there)

In total, I am gone 5 solid weeks in June/July, and off several days preceding.  In August, I’m again gone for most of a week.  Here’s why:  As an active parent in all my kids’ classrooms, I have chaperoned every event I possibly could along the way- from pre-school, to grad night parties. This year, I will be taking on my final chaperone gig, and accompany the senior class on the “senior skip” day, and then the grad night trip.  One last time…. our daughter then moves into her university accommodations mid August….

It is not likely that her college will ask me to chaperone!

So, I’m exiting this phase of my life with the same enthusiasm I have put forth in all the years prior. Priority first: my kids! Everything else follows in some chaotic sort of way.

Something about this method of parenting has worked well….  I have 3 highly successful, confident adult children- who are not afraid to explore the world in which they live and they dive in completely with their passion and joy. They are happy, healthy and a delight to be around. So now, I prepare to sit back and watch them shine. It’s what I can do.

The helicopter in me is landing. Heart and eyes wide open to their futures, I remember that I am here now, grounded, and I breathe.

Thank you- and once the dust settles into the new reality of ever change, my book will re-open and my schedule will be waiting, for you.


Moving along with Metta in May

John’s healing continues! Recovering from a stroke takes time. As the arteries involved reroute themselves, changes are noticed and sometimes the person seems “well”.  It’s important to note that healing is still happening inside the brain. So, while John is seeming SO much better these days, he’s still on the recovery road.
Last night he showed up to attend the Yoga class that has been subbed by another teacher. When the scheduled instructor failed to show- John led his class.

While this is a big step forward, I want to remind his students that he needs to ease into the teaching mode, and continue to hold the space as a healing container.

(For an interesting read on the rewiring of the brain- visit Richard Senelick, MD. Or, just know- that rewiring is always going on, and there are some scenarios that lead to a more profound healing potential than others).

Also, a big thank you. Thank you to those of you who have stepped in to offer food, house cleaning, transportation and space holding for The Rev. Thank you!

Lise’s Monday Yoga class will “go dark” from June 13-August…  Initially we had discussed having a sub fill that space- however, that seems to not be manifesting at this time.  If you know of a teacher who would love to step in and lead a gentle, slow flow, yin or meditative type of Yoga class- we’ve got the crew for you!

Joani’s Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 am Gentle Yoga class continues and is very well attended by her loyal following. If you can’t take class with Lise during the summer- you are always welcome to attend class with Joani!

That’s the musing of the morn’