Blessings abound!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is only natural for most of us to center our thoughts around gratitude.  It seems this time of year gratitude comes out of the woodwork, as if it is a requirement- a ritual required of the National Day of Thanksgiving.

I suggest that gratitude is an act of daily awareness! Taking a moment, every day, to give thanks for that which sustains you, that which amazes you, that which is basic and necessary and oft taken for granted.  Those little things, which are really quite big: waking up, food in the belly, water  from the tap, going to sleep and waking again to do it all again. Really, how marvelous! Anything otherwise is actually the norm for many- so take that moment to give thanks for the normalcy of the basics… because for you, they might be basic.  For many (perhaps you too) those things are a great luxury.

Do you sleep safely tonight?  My hope is that you do. Should you not, blessings upon your head that you be safe, you be warm, you be protected, you know that you are loved- even by this stranger at another end of a keyboard… perhaps far, far, away.

The Metta Center is a place of healing. That is our mission. To help those in need of bliss, or in need of ease, or in need of peace. We do that. We do that well. We are here to help you find that which you need in the way of connection with your heart/mind. Jai.

Lise continues to enhance her tool belt- and has reconnected her deep relationship with Traditional Thai Medicine. As a student at The Naga Center, she is working on another designation as a Thai Medical Specialist.  In that light, she has reframed her focus- and you might notice the use of the word “Thai Bodywork” in places where “Thai Yoga Therapy” used to exist.  This is to help differentiate the complex relationship between Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga. The worlds are separate, yet somehow intertwined.  Lise is both a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and a practitioner of the Ancient Asian system referred to as Thai Bodywork.

The Metta Center is once again filled with the healing aroma of Thai Herbal Therapy- most notably the aroma of Plai- (Cassumar Ginger).  Plai is the most noticeable compound floating out of the steamer on any given day at TMC.  Other ingredients supported within these herbal compresses are: lemongrass, mint, turmeric, calamus, patchouli, knifer lime, camphor and salt.  Surely, other ingredients will find there way into these glorious bundles- but the basic essence is the same.

The goal? To ease your hardened muscles into softness. To pull the stiffness out of your joints. To facilitate ease of breathing when congestion seems to have taken hold. To help you with aches and pains, stagnation and give you a fabulous peace of mind. Yes, PEACE of mind <3

Who receives the treatment?

Anyone who schedules a 2 hour Thai Bodywork (Thai Yoga Therapy) session with Lise, most surely will.  In addition to heated compresses, your treatment might include: scraping, cupping, warming oil rubs…

What to wear?

Not a problem- if you are concerned about what to wear, based on your concern about balms and heat being used- we have Thai Fisherman pants and X-tra large T shirts available to wear.

Just in case:

If you prefer to wear your own clothing- wear the kind of thing that is easy to move in, and easy to move! Your treatment is private, and no doubt your confidence in Lise is high. After all, most of you have been seeing her since 2007 in Bellingham…. much longer than that in LA

So- book soon- openings are limited.

Looking forward to helping you find balance, peace and ease during this busy time of year.

Please check our Workshops Page! We are very excited to host David Wells for the SECOND TIME as he presents Reusi Dat Ton, February 2-5, 2018!

All the details are there, including the link to register.  If you practice Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork, or Thai Massage- it is a MUST DO class. CEC’s are available. Yoga teachers, this one is for you as well- Yoga Alliance CEC’s available too!  People with bodies who are interested in developing a self care movement medicine practice- this is for YOU!

Please join us! Space is limited- so sign up ASAP (better deal financially as well).

And Thank you.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this! We’ve come so far!

Email with the answer to the following question:

What kind of workshop are we having February 2-5, 2018 at TMC?

The first person to send the correct answer will win $50 towards a 2 hour session of Thai Bodywork with Lise! This is based on a $185 first session price therefore, $135 for a 2 hour sessions with Lise! Email your answer NOW!