April showers brings……

April has been slithering her way through the calendar, and May is soon to come! The grass is green HERE, not greener over there!

As Bellingham’s only Yoga Therapy and Healing Arts Studio, we have multiple practitioners that hold many degrees and certifications and are able and interested in working with people of all ages and experiences- to help you find ease in your body/mind. Our practitioners are charitable and offer their services to community based events that nurture the poor, the weak and those otherwise not able to receive.

One such event is Project Homeless Connect. TMC is the administrative home of the PHC Healing Clinic. A free day of service for those homeless in our community. Offering Massage, Acupuncture and other forms of Bodywork. July 21 is the calendar date this year and you can expect to see Lise and Sam providing talc that day.

Needless to say…… we are happy to say that things are going well over here! ¬†Classes are flourishing, bodywork sessions are booked weeks in advanced and the studio is shiny and clean!

Thank you to Whatcom Janitorial for keeping the glitz on for us! I walked in today after being gone for 2 weeks and found a shiny, clean and fresh studio to greet me. So much gratitude. Charlie here says it all ūüôā




On that note- would you like to earn a free class free? Using ¬†your smart phone,¬†check in at TMC¬†taking a picture of Charlie- and #belikecharlie when you check in to The Metta Center! We see and appreciate those check ins and will make it worth your while! ¬†5 check ins will get you a free class with Lise or John, and probably Jenn too. 10 check ins will get you $20¬†off a full priced 90 minute session with Lise and I bet Sam too! Start checking in asap! You don’t want to miss this!

You heard about it here. You won’t hear about it anywhere else!

Lise just returned from another 10 day course with Gil Hedley. She has been in the dissection lab with Gil numerous times, and each time something more is “un-learned”. ¬†Un-learning is a great thing to do! You create new space in your judgment brain to be open to sensing your way through life. This is a positive and leaves space for reflection. Much reflection!

Quote to sink in with: “We are all just getting comfortable with increasing our tolerance for pleasure!”

Much love