Welcome to The Metta Center

Lise Waugh – Thai Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Structurally Integrated Movement Therapy & Pilates

John Hawkins – Behind the Yoga, Interfaith Minister

The Metta Center for Yoga and Healing Arts is now located in the Roosevelt Neighborhood in Bellingham, WA.

We offer Yoga classes for all levels and abilities, including therapeutic programs of Yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy, Structurally Integrated Movement Therapy, and Pilates based methods. Between the two partners, John and Lise, there is a combined total of almost 40 years experience!

We dedicate our practice to Metta (loving kindness). Our services include compassionate touch, breath awareness and mindfulness and we look forward to sharing these gifts with you.

I have had many types of massage before but was not familiar with Thai Massage until I was introduced to it by Lise Waugh. I have never had a more healing massage in my life. Weeks later I can still feel the healing effects from the massage. From a car accident, over twenty years ago, I have had a chronic tightness in my left shoulder and neck. Since my Thai massage it has never felt better. This massage is like nothing you have ever experienced before, but it by far the best massage I have ever had. I highly recommend Lise’s Thai massage. – Mary Benarth


Community Events

Check back frequently for updated offerings to support our community.

Yoga Lunch! An express Yoga class to restore you mid day and energize you for the remainder of the day to come! This is a drop in class that is quick and to the point- yet gentle and accessible to all! In 45 minutes you’ll have stretched and breathed and rested as you feed your body/mind with the gift of well being!

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at NOON.  $10 to instructor.

For a closer look at all our classes- please visit our schedule! 

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Many paths to the same destination.
We offer you choices in your healing journey.
May you be happy.
May you be well.
May you be safe.
May you be protected.
May you be peaceful.

Loka Samastaa Sukhino Bhavantu, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
May All Beings Everywhere be Happy and Free.