The Metta Center for Yoga and Healing Arts

Located in Bellingham’s Roosevelt Neighborhood, TMC is a holistic studio offering Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy, Structurally Integrated Movement Therapy, Barre/Ballet/Pilates Fusion, Bowenwork and Structural Integration.

We currently have 5 practitioners on staff, and have room for more! As a “cooperative” space, we do not have employees. Each practitioner holds their own business and is highly involved in their own practice and pursuits. TMC offers a shelter to host those who are on the same wavelength!

Our 900 SF Yoga room is fully prepared for Yoga and Meditation classes, Kirtan and other spiritual events as well as fitness based movement programs.

Our private treatment areas offer space for personal sessions of bodywork or movement therapy for clients who are committed to improving balance, strength, flexibility or reducing pain (as examples).

We are located at ground floor level, with no stairs to climb. Our parking is a large private lot with ample free space for your vehicle- a true gift in Bellingham!

Our staff is highly trained and prepared to create programs based on the individuals at hand, the students that show up now. Our classes are not pre-formatted or pre-choreographed.

From the root of Metta, loving kindness- May you be happy, May you be well, May you be safe, May you be peaceful, May you be protected, May you be free